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Igniting the Leader Within

Igniting the Leader Within

by Michael F. Staley

Igniting the Leader Within is a book for firefighters -- and corporate executives -- who want to get onto the promotion fast track. Tested management practices from top corporate leaders and consultants, benchmark research from Fortune 500 Companies, and the best known MBA programs in the country are combined to bring the reader an advanced understanding of leadership technology. What do these leadership technologies have in common? They are taken from the teachings of a wise curmudgeon from 18th century Philadelphia named Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin is widely regarded as the "Father of Firefighting" in the United States. In 1735 he organized America's first volunteer firefighting company and brought the first fire insurance to the citizens of Philadelphia. But Benjamin Franklin was more than a firefighter. He was a philosopher and a man who understood the nature of leadership.

Mike Staley is also a firefighter and philosopher who understands the nature of leadership. In his book, Igniting the Leader Within, Mike fuses his 20 years of experience and the common sense teachings of Ben Franklin into a simple framework for leadership. Staley gives the reader a step-by-step guide to developing personal leadership qualities and skills.

Igniting the Leader Within
Igniting the Leader Within

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