How To Start And Run Your Own Corporation: S-Corporations For Small Business Owners Book Review: Low Risk, High Reward: Starting and Growing Your Small Business With Minimal Risk Book Review: Keeping The Books: Basic Record-Keeping and Accounting For The Small Business Book Review: The McGraw Hill 36-Hour Accounting Course Book Review: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur: How To Make Intelligent Business Decisions That Will Lead To Success In Building And Growing Your Own Company

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Featured Small Business Book--Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
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Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Small Business: Links And Resources has information about export/import and sample business forms.

If you contemplate following a real estate guru (or other investment guru for that matter), be sure to research the guru. John T. Reed provides background on many popular real estate gurus. has some statistical information about various industries.

Cypress Publishing, a publisher of business books. Read about the attempt of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. to control use of the word "entrepreneur."

Entrepreneur Center Online has small business information, articles, and links. has marketing information for those on a low budget. has information about starting and running a video production business. has information about doing business online, marketing your small business web site, affiliate programs, targeting customers, and more.

Looking for a publication?
We've got over 100,000 listings. "The Business of Chiropractic: How to Prosper AFTER Startup" by Ivan Delman, DC

USA TODAY Small Business has some downloadable business plans you can examine.

SCORE Equiz Find out if you are ready to be your own boss by taking SCORE's online personality test

Yahoo Small Business

Articles and books about publicity, marketing, and freelance writing by Marcia Yudkin. Guide to Small Business Information. Highly recommended for serious entrepreneurs. is a site that matches high-tech entrepreneurs with venture capital. Start and run a small business without losing your shirt, your sleep, or your sanity! Highly-regarded small business books.

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites One of the best places to seek more links to other sites and resources.

The Small Business Journal (

CCH Business Owner's Toolkit Highly recommended Highly recommended.
Read review of Influence

SBA business start up kit online

Amcity business consultant smorgasbord Especially read the articles by "Company Doctor" Scott Clark and the business book reviews by Terry O'Keefe

A Canadian online Business Book Entrepreneur's Guide Highly recommended

Red Herring
Business Start Page
retail advisor
USATrade has information on international business

A Basic Guide To Exporting
Home Business Center

Inc Magazine Maybe the very best small business site on the web today! Highly recommended.

Biz Move


Business Nation

Business Know How

BusinessBookMall has great supplementary workbooks to help you learn accounting and business statistics.

Idea Cafe is for entrepreneurs. A great Bulletin Board system. Highly recommended.

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur Articles about entrepreneurship, marketing, small business. Links to small business resources and state-by-state specific start-up resources. An online Guide to Starting a Small Business. Our parent site.

Small Business Tax Resources Small business tax information.

Quicken Taxes Has a message board where you can ask your small business tax questions and get feedback from others.

IRS Forms and Publications (We don't review IRS Publications... "While reading IRS Publication 17, Your Income Taxes, we laughed, we cried...." )

BankRate has several articles about small business taxes.

Intellectual Capital, trademark, patent links for entrepreneurs links

United States Patent and Trademark Office For information on Patents and Trademarks, this is the place to start. has online information.

U.S. Copyright Office For copyright information, this is the place to start.

Featured Marketing Book--Profitable Direct Marketing
How To Make Luck:
7 Secrets Lucky People Use to Succeed

Why Flip A Coin? The Art and Science of Good Decisions

Influence: How And Why People Agree To Things
Book Review:
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Online Step-By-Step Guide To Starting a Small Business